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How you are not wasting your time?

How you are not wasting your time?

What If I say I believe we never waste time; even if we are just sitting and daydreaming, we are using that time to think about something that we desire to achieve. Allow me to explain this concept from a new angle.

Let’s start with a definition: what is the definition of wasting time?

These are the Google Answers I found:

  1. leading someone to waste time on something that is neither required nor beneficial.
  2. the act of persuading someone to spend time on something that is neither required nor beneficial.

In short, doing nothing is a waste of time? If I’m not mistaken?

Let me give you a few examples:

“Daydreaming is a waste of time,”

everyone says.
As you see from my angel, Day Dreaming is not a waste of time in my opinion.
When we grow up, we have a lot on our plates, whether it’s academics, professional work, money, obligations, family management, learning, growing, and so on.
That is the point at which we will not have time for ourselves until and unless we fight ourselves to make time for self-care.
To put it another way, everything has its appointed time.
What will you do with a lot of money if you don’t dream about the things you want in your life?

“Overthinking is a waste of time,”

everyone agrees.
As you can see, overthinking is not a waste of time in my opinion. What occurs when we overthink?
We are essentially preparing ourselves for that moment by inventing scenarios in our minds that have a 50-50 chance of occurring in real life. Even if that does not occur, you will have strengthened your ability to deal with similar situations in the future. Is it a waste of time if you have spared yourself from one injury?

“Gossiping is a waste of time.”

everyone believes that.
Gossiping isn’t a waste of time if you look at it from a different perspective; it’s a life lesson.
“Don’t trust everyone.”
When you participate in gossiping, you learn how people can gossip about you behind your back and spread false information about you.
And after you’ve learned about these types of people, you’ll be safe from them in the future.
You will be a better decision-maker because you will have a greater understanding of people, and as a result, you will prevent your future self from collapsing.

“Worrying is a waste of time.”

everyone believes that.
However, if you look at it from a different viewpoint, worrying is not at all a waste of time because you are the only one who will be with yourself until your last breath and the only one who can prevent yourself from tumbling down. It’s all about investing time into yourself rather than wasting it.

Talking about parents or professors about these activities, they will tell you that these are waste of time, because everyone believes that if you are not doing things linked to academics, you are wasting your time.

Lessons learned in life are ones that you learn on your own.
Life lessons cannot be taught in a school or a college.
Everything you do in life has a purpose and teaches you something.

Allow me to share my experience with you.
When I was in school, I had a lot of friends, and my parents often reminded me that I should spend my time studying instead of spending it on frivolous activities.
At the time, I was ignoring everything.

After facing issues from the things I have invested my time in, I started squandered my time in school by failing to invest in academics, but with reflection, I discovered that this was not the case.
I have not squandered my time; I have learned and gained many life lessons as a result of which I am strong, I have a better understanding of people, and I will not let myself down at any cost.

Are you able to think these things from another perspective?
Today, sit and think, every time you feel you’ve wasted time, try to see things from a different perspective.
I’m confident you’ll find something worthwhile.

Do let me know in the comment section What you think about this?

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