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How to get your dream job

How to Get Your Dream Job by DigitalDeepak

Worked hard still…Didn’t get your dream job?
I understand.
I have same experience the only difference is I was applying for an Internship.

Have you also done the same mistake as me I have uploaded my Resume on Job portals?
If I am not wrong You have made the same mistake.

Don’t worry today we will be talking about the mistakes we make and how to correct them. I have recently read the book “How to get your Dream Job by DigitalDeepak”. This is a small book of 27 pages still very powerful and in this blog, I will be giving you the summary and In the end, you can download the ebook and you can also read the book.

Things you need to follow If you are Trying to Get your Dream Job

Avoid these mistakes:

● Create a resume
● Upload resumes to job portals
● Speak with career consultants and contractors who will forward your resumes to potential employers
● Enhance your resume by doing certifications or training programs
● Send resumes to all the personal contacts who may refer them to a potential employer

Changing the perspective of “Jobs” and “Hiring”

Think like a businessman and stop thinking like a person who needs a job. You are providing your service to a company that’s why they are paying you salary. They need your service don’t forget that.

Talking about HR, no personal grudes for them but HR has a very small mindset they only hire if your skills exactly match with the job description. HR’s actual job is taking caree of employee satisfaction, health, office space, payroll, and other formalities.

Do you know when does HR deparment hire?

Many startups don’t have an HR department. HR deparment only formed when the company becomes large and many things cannot be managed by the founding team itself. Management decides to get HR’s help in hire only when they are hiring for rols that are low-end and replaceable.

Deepak sir has shared one example: Let’s say Dominoz is hiring a delivery boy. Who is going to hire him? HR not management team or founder. But If Dominoz wants to get Digital Marketing Manager who is going to create Digital marketing campaigns from scratch, do you think they will let HR decide whom to hire?

So, What we learned?

Time to kill The Resume and Breakup with HR

To get your dream job you need to show what you have learned, applied and what are the results you got. Taking the example of a Digital Marketer your need to have skills, not theory knowledge If you want a Digital marketer job to learn skills, then apply them to your personal projects and show what are results you got.

“Market yourself to sell yourself”

Your projects becomes your resume.

Let me tell you about myself, I have completed my Digital Marketing course from DigitalDeepak Internship Program. Where I have learned Digital Marekting, and then I applied I created my tribe and I have started sharing my knowledge. One day one founder of a production house found me from one facebook group he joined my tribe and then we had some conversation he asked me what I do I told him I am a Digital Marketer and then I said if he ever needs any help in Digital Marketing he can contact me. And then he offered me to work with him as a Digital Marketer, I asked him why he wants me to work with him. He said, ” Because I liked your strategy”. Which strategy he is talking about? He was talking about the contents that I had shared in my tribe. And that’s how my personal project became my resume and I got my first freelance project.

Now that we know what we should do and what not, Let’s know

How to get in touch with key decision makers?

Step 1. Identify 100 compannies in which you see yourself working.

Step 2. Now get the name and contact details of key decision makers: Founder, Co-founder, CEO, Chairman, Head of your Department e.g. Head of Digital Marketer, VP of our department, Department manager.

Step 3. You can find from linkedin

Step 4. Reach out to them by: Email, Linkedin message, Tweet

Step 5. Pitch: Tell them what they can get from you? Provide value before you get hired.

Grab attention before grabbing job. Tell them everything about how you can be beneficial for their company and why you are better than others.

By following these steps you will definit endup somewhere you always wanted.

I want to share with you some tools that you can use to emails of key decision-makers:

  • : Tool to find emails from companies website
  • Apollo : Tool to find emails from comapnies website
  • Get Prospect : Tool to find emails from Linkedin
  • Linkedin Email Finder : Tool to find emails from Linkedin

These are some tools you can use to find emails.

And here is the book go download and read the book:

I hope summary get an great Idea about the book. Let me know in the comment what you think.

Thank you for staying till the end.

Bye. See you in next Blog.

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