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Meet Digital Dristi

Proud daughter, Studentpreneur, Digital Marketer, Hard-working student, and a coach for passionate students.

I am a proud “multipotentialite” with many different pursuits and creative interests.

I am a Studentpreneur, and I have also started my journey when I was surrounded by college assignments, exams, games, social media and of course, Web series.

It takes lots of effort to live your dream, need to do lots of hard work and I know the ups and downs of being a studentpreneur and I want to help you and support you through those times – personal and professional.

Believe yourself!

My Mission

I am on a mission to help 100,000 Studentpreneur build an online business and along with that challenge and empower individuals to achieve their full potential and live a life of abundance.

My Vision

Studentpreneur: The future of next generation.

Only the problem is lack of confidence, knowledge and support.

And I want to help every Student who are willing to become studentpreneur

My Simple Life

I am a 3rd-year graduation student, I am pursuing my graduation LLDIMS affiliate by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. I am from Bihar, but as my father was an ex-IAF officer, from childhood itself I am traveling from one state to another. 

I am currently residing in Punjab.

Starting my journey as a studentpreneur was hard but my superwomen “Mom” and my superhero “Papa” always supported me in every step I have taken and One person in my life whom I am going to give this credit for the rest of my life who pushed me to the point and I landed here!

Things I love

Listening songs, Traveling, Cooking food, Day dreaming, Basketball, The smell of wet mud, binge watching TV series, Doremon, Biryani and Rasgulle.

My Ride

My ride began in mid-2018 when I became hyper noticing my fellow classmates wasting their parent’s money on someone who is special to them, 

All I could think about was how to make them realize whatever they are doing is not right, then I realized being a teenager even I need money, but I was not ready to waste my parent’s money on something stupid I want. So, instead of asking them money for unnecessary stuff, I rolled up my sleeves and got down, and started searching how to make money online. Yeah, sounds stupid!

2018-2019, was by Board years so I was busy with my exams. Then I started Reselling business in January 2020 and that failed again in the same year in mid-September I again started reselling business it was my first experience I got 3 customers but again the business failed, then I decided to give up.

The irony was I decided to give up in Nov and in January 2021 I got to know about DigitalDeepak and in March 2021 I started my journey. I learned Digital Marketing and implemented in two different business one of them was Threel.in which I started with my friends which we have paused because of our busy schedule for some time and now here I am with my new journey with beautiful mission.

Aug 2021, I started my freelance career! Handling College, freelance and learning new things everyday is difficult but not impossible.