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Hi! I am Dristi

Freelance WordPress Website Designer and Digital Marketer. I am also helping hardworking students like YOU grow their online business & grow as beautiful human beings.

Who am I and Why I am here?

Hey Champion,       

Welcome to my online home & office (as I work from home).

I am a proud daughter, studentpreneur, digital marketer, hard-working student, and a coach for passionate students.

I am on a mission to help 100,000 Studentpreneur build an online business and along with that challenge and empower individuals to achieve their full potential and live a life of abundance.

Being a student I always wanted to have freedom, freedom in terms of money, I never liked the concept of investing our parents’ hard work (money) on something which is not even important for that particular moment. Ex: Investing your parent’s money on your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend’s special event. 

Till now I have almost started 2-3 businesses and always failed because of a lack of support and knowledge!!

The first few years of being a studentpreneur were very difficult and I wanted to give up many, many times.

Thankfully, In 2021 I found a mentor DigitalDeepak who guided and advised me and help me grow.

That’s when I decided, that I will help students build their own business with proper knowledge !!!

So, I learned… I implemented.. I made mistakes… I corrected them… I relearnt…

and now I want to teach others who have big dreams in their heart but lack the know-how.

My Blogs


Why Self-Respect is Important?

Building a strong sense of self-respect can enrich your life in a variety of ways. We often confront ourselves with negative energy and depressing thoughts about ourselves, yet we would never say anything terrible about someone we care about. It is, however, critical to remember

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Be kind

Be kind!

Dristi, are you serious? Is it possible to be kind in this cruel world?We have witnessed a great deal of suffering, heartbreak, and sadness throughout the world. So many lives have been lost unnecessarily. There has been so much pain and loss. And you are

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How you are not wasting your time?

How you are not wasting your time?

What If I say I believe we never waste time; even if we are just sitting and daydreaming, we are using that time to think about something that we desire to achieve. Allow me to explain this concept from a new angle. Let’s start with

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Are You Truly Independent?

August 15, 2021Independence Day: The day when the nation got its final independence from British rule. On this day, Indians wear their love for their country on their sleeves and celebrate the day. We are already an Independent country then why I am asking “Are

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How to get your dream job

How to Get Your Dream Job by DigitalDeepak

Worked hard still…Didn’t get your dream job?I understand.I have same experience the only difference is I was applying for an Internship. Have you also done the same mistake as me I have uploaded my Resume on Job portals?If I am not wrong You have made

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What my clients say about my work?

Thank You, Dristi Singh. She has helped me to redesign my website in just a week. Very quick in designing website. She understands the requirement very clearly and design a perfect website in less time.
For entrepreneurs & solopreneurs who are looking for WordPress Website Services, I would highly recommend Dristi Singh to make your website life easy.
Sreenu Neelakanthi
Google Ads Expert
The more I say about Dristi the less! she has been a Pro, helped me get my website done as per the exact requirements. what I liked about her was the speed at which she was able to meet my expectations without any glitches, With minimal instructions, she could get everything perfect. I strongly recommend her to the ones who are seeking a great website done. Kudos
Nishant Jaiswaal
Career Counsellor
Thanks Drishti, Excellent, working with web designer express was great. Thanks to your knowledge and determination my website looks great and functions really good.I need anything, and you always takes care of it for me. Your customer service is great and I am planning to building another website with you. Also I am very happy with the results and I would recommend them to anyone trying to build a website with you.
Nikunj Jaini
Design Engineer
Your way of selecting an image for my blog was good.
Digital Maarketer

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